Ginger Young

Ginger Young




5' 4"

Playmate of the month

May 1960

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AMBITIONS: To be a top actress and model and travel throughout the United States and Europe. TURN-ONS: Hot fudge sundaes, progressive jazz, dancing, traveling. TURNOFFS: Loud people, rock 'n' roll, small hot fudge sundaes. HOBBIES: Oil painting, sculpting, playing chess, reading poetry and writing short stories. FAVORITE SPORTS: Ice skating, swimming, tennis, water skiing, fishing. WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: Patience, sincerity, understanding. WHAT I DISLIKE IN MEN: Selfishness, loudness, egotism. HIGHER ED: I spent three years studying art education. JOB HISTORY: I've worked as an arts & crafts teacher, an ice skating instructor, and on "The Jerry Lewis Show," "The Steve Allen Show," and "Murder, Inc." DID YOU KNOW? I've modeled for many record album covers for RCA, Capitol and Warner Brothers. I've also done a TV commercial for "Chock Full 'O Nuts" coffee.