Gloria Root

Gloria Root


Chicago Illinois USA


5' 1"

Playmate of the month

December 1969

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When Gloria Root graduated from high school, she wasn’t certain which career path she’d follow until she spoke to a career counselor who asked her an important question—what is she passionate about. The petite brunette, originally from Chicago, mentioned her affinity for protesting against the political injustices of this nation. “My ambition is to accomplish something significant for myself and the world so I'm studying political science at Northwestern University after transferring from the University of Illinois,” says the sexy coed who trails off into a rant. “We've managed to narrow down all the freedoms we take pride in. We've created a political aristocracy that we didn't want, and too many of us are hopelessly trapped in that tired old business of getting an 'education' and a job that doesn't mean anything.” Flustered and agitated, Gloria soon gave us a crash course in politics from the viewpoint of a young, passionate woman majoring in the subject and why she believes the militant approach in dealing with big business is an effective way to get a message across. “When they club people on the head during a confrontation, it lets the whole world know how coercive the system really is. Until the week of the 1968 Democratic Convention, most of the country didn't realize how bad things could be—and since then, a lot of them have forgotten. That's why demonstrations and protests are necessary—to dramatize the dissenting viewpoint,” says the all-natural college student who frequently attends demonstrations against the Vietnam War. “If more people cared enough to expand their viewpoints by studying history or anthropology, they'd realize how many different life styles are natural and they'd be more tolerant. Young people aren't pushing any particular life style—just the freedom to choose. And the youth revolution bridges all boundaries.” When she isn’t taking part in the youth revolution or reading her favorite books like Reason and Revolution, our Playmate of the Month is on the go. From skiing in Colorado to spearfishing in Mexico, Gloria is constantly on the move, but admits she doesn’t have as much free time as she’d like to have. “If I had more time, I would take yoga, guitar and ballet. I studied ballet from age 6 to 16,” says our busty Miss December 1969. “Protest marches are the only social gatherings I can stand; it’s a drag to sit around with a bunch of bored people and try to make small talk.” That’s not to say Gloria wouldn’t accept an invitation for a date by a gentleman who is as passionate as she is about democracy. “My friends know that I'm young, sexy, somewhat intellectual woman who hate parties, love teachers, enjoys money, clothes, cars, demonstrations, riots and anything for the revolution, but those aren’t my idea of the perfect date. My ideal evening includes dinner at an elegant restaurant and the ballet and then something personal,” explains our Playmate of the Month. “We would eat fried rice, broccoli, bread, soup, but no meat. I’m a vegetarian.” Who needs meat when you could have a grade-A woman like Gloria Root in your life?


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