Playboy Muses

Hailey Meyers

Hailey Meyers


Sarasota FL USA


5' 6"

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When Hailey Meyers was a little girl, she used to love searching for hidden treasures around her Sarasota home. One day, during her household expeditions, Hailey found her father’s stash of treasure. “My dad kept a complete collection of Playboy magazines from the 70s and 80s in our basement,” says the all-natural blonde. “I used to sneak down to take peeks when I was pretty young, so I’ve always known about Playboy.” From sneaking a peek to having her own photos in our Special Editions issues, Miss Meyers has been making waves with our Playboy fans. The busty beauty was incredibly thrilled to hear she was voted Cybergirl of the Week for October 16, 2000. “I am always excited to pursue new project with Playboy,” says Hailey. “But, this one especially because I spend a lot of time online, and I think it’s great that is expanding.” We think so too.