Hannah Claydon

Hannah Claydon


Yorkshire England


4' 11"

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You simply can’t miss Hannah Claydon, a model from Yorkshire, England. Petite at five feet, with blonde hair, blue eyes and an eye-popping 36DD bust, Hannah made headlines at sixteen when she posed for England’s notorious Page 3 magazine. “During my A-levels, no less,” she says. “I was going to study law at Oxford, but I decided to move to London and try my hand at modeling…and, well, here I am!” Fiercely independent by nature – she moved to London on her own at age eighteen to launch her career – Hannah loves meeting new people, trying new things and most of all, her freedom. “I suppose I’m a bit of a princess,” she says. “I do like to get my own way! After all, I did say that I was independent.” After a feature in Playboy’s Special Editions at nineteen, Hannah was determined than ever to make it to the top. “It was my personal goal to get in good shape and pose for Playboy again,” she says. “Every time I went to the gym, I had Playboy on the brain – and it worked! If you’re going to pose nude, Playboy is just the penultimate – it’s so beautiful and tasteful. I couldn’t wait to do it again!” They say that every rose has its thorn, but this English rose is as soft and feminine as they come, and with her appearance on Playboy Plus, it’s safe to say that Miss Claydon is in full bloom.