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Hannah Le

Hannah Le
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“Anyone who knows me well would say I’m goofy and free-spirited,” says Hannah Le, a model from Woodstock, Georgia. A believer in positivity and the power of art, we’re excited to welcome Hannah to Playboy Plus. “My goal is to never limit myself as an artist,” she says. “Photography was my first passion, [but] I’m exploring new mediums through modeling and acting, and have even begun exploring how to draw and paint, too! Overall, art is my passion because it gives me a platform to express myself.” Hannah first discovered Playboy some time ago and is glad to be here. “It feels a bit surreal,” she laughs. “Playboy has pioneered so much of our culture today. [It’s] a daredevil of a brand, and that’s something that resonates with me.” When it comes to modeling nude, Hannah finds freedom in her work. “It’s liberating,” she says. “Like I’m stepping into my power, but [in] my most vulnerable state. There’s real strength in vulnerability.” When she’s not creating or in front of the camera, you can usually find Hannah giving back to her community — something very dear to her. “I like to volunteer in my free time,” she says. “There’s an organization I joined where they host beach cleanups, feed the homeless, and [put on] benefit concerts to raise money for various important issues.” If you’re like us, you want to know more about Hannah too. Stay tuned for her pictorials, right here, on Playboy Plus!