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Harley Dean

Harley Dean


Akron, OH

Playboy All Star of the month

March 2021

Home Sweet Home

I'm from Ohio. I love how peaceful it can be in the quiet.

Trust Your Gut

I have the ability to feel the energy in people and it helps me in making decisions.

Better Together

My passion is empowering other women in our communities. There is nothing stronger than women helping other women.

Thrill Seeker

I've been skydiving and love the rush — it reminds me of good sex!

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Meet Playboy Plus All Star for March 2021 adult actress Harley Dean. Way before she became a porn pioneer, whose nude body lit up the Internet in pics and unforgettable gifs, Harley was a fan of Playboy. “I was sneaking [and] reading Playboy since I was in my early teens,” Dean admits. “The nude art has always been a main focus, but the articles are diverse and informative — I love that. The interviews with Playmates are my favorite. I feel so honored to be among the legendary models who have the pleasure of working with Playboy.” Playboy Plus is equally excited to have Harley among our bevy of Playboy model beauties. A trailblazer in the world of adult entertainment, Dean has lionized the expression of free sexuality like no other. A Pornhub favorite, her xxx videos have featured lesbian, threesome, massage and solo play that has made her superstar in her own right. Fans of Dean also know to catch up with the Queen of Social Media on Instagram and Reddit. Harley’s embracement of sex work and sex workers is extension of her strong belief in female empowerment—a life goal that means a lot to her. “My passion is empowering other women in our communities,” Dean admits. “The world is built on women empowering other women. That’s how we make empires.” This vixen has become a brand that people are endlessly curious about. Fans want to know does Harley have a husband? Is Harley Dean her real name? Harley slices through the gossipy chatter with self-defining statement of who she really is, “I am such a strong woman today from all the toughness I’ve been through in life,” says Dean. “I am always evolving and changing to better myself and help those around me.” And your audiences are all the better for it, Harley.


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