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Heather McQuaid

Heather McQuaid


Chicago Illinois USA


5' 4"

Playboy Muse of the month

March 2003

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Our Playboy fans wanted someone hot, and with fighting Irish spirit, to rock the title of Cybergirl of the Month for March 2003. Fans accomplished just that when they chose Heather McQuaid, whose birthday happens to be four days before Saint Patrick’s Day. Chicago native Heather is a buxom blonde-haired model who thinks she knows why fans voted for her. “I'm thinking it's the ass,” Heather says. “Who knows though? There’s a part for everybody.” Miss McQuaid and her famous parts were hesitant at first about posing for Playboy, but she decided to take a gamble. “It was difficult and fun at the same time,” brown-eyed Heather says. “It took half the day to lose my inhibitions, then it was the most fun I ever had and I felt beautiful and confident when I left.” Heather’s beauty and confidence is felt by everyone she meets, and that includes celebrities. Playboy asked rapper-actor DMX to be a celebrity Playboy photographer for a day, and he was joined by Dark Man X and his entourage. Heather’s sex appeal and effortless modeling made DMX’s job easy yet steamy. Heather is loved by the fans and also has a body that could make the toughest rappers melt.