Helle Michaelsen

Helle Michaelsen


Aalborg Denmark


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

August 1988

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Back in Denmark, Helle Michaelsen is a household name. Hailing from northern Aalborg, Helle (pronounced hell-a) has been acting since she was a bubbly teenager, with nothing more than youth and a bit of talent on her side. She started out in television, but after starring in three Scandinavian action films, every Dane knew the name Helle Michaelsen. “I love Denmark, but if you are a success-minded person, you cannot succeed there,” says the ambitious blonde in her slight-but-charming accent. “That's what made me take the step to move to another country.” Move she did, but Hollywood didn’t exactly welcome her as the famous Danish actress she is. Landing the role as an extra on the Tony Curtis movie, Midnight didn’t affect Helle’s confidence. With her hazel eyes focused on the prize, Miss Michaelsen started from the bottom, committed to reaching new heights of fame in America. “You appreciate things more when you have to work for them,” says the voluptuous actress. Soon enough, Miss Michaelsen got her big American break, and it was all thanks to her first real friend in Hollywood. Helle met actress Brigette Nielson, a fellow Dane, at an event, and she pushed Helle to pose for Playboy. “Being a Playmate is important to me,” says our all-natural Miss August 1988. “In Denmark, Playboy is the top men’s magazine, and usually, we only see American girls in it. It’s a really big deal to have a Danish Playmate.” Helle and Nielsen became fast friends, bonding over their love of all things Danish and Italian—in particular, their tastes for Italian men. “Sylvester Stallone is a very attractive man, whether he has money or not,” says Helle of Brigitte’s ex-husband, who once invited her for a champagne-soaked dinner. “I love masculine, conservative men. American men are like that to me—you can get spoiled being around American men.” Italian men seem to have all the luck, but we’ll take what we can get from the gorgeous Helle Michaelsen.