Henriette Allais

Henriette Allais


Jacksonville FL USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

March 1980

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Meet our Southern Miss March 1980, Henriette Allais. “You might call me the quintessential Southern belle,” says our all-natural Playmate who was born in Florida, but raised in Georgia. “For one thing, I'm real hospitable. On the other hand, I suppose I've got a few Scarlett O'Hara's qualities, too—most Southern girls do. I'm a bit spoiled, like she was, and I can be sort of . . . well . . . cunning, but I'm not as mean.” Henriette and of Gone with the Wind’s Miss O’Hara may have a lot in common, but their differences are downright sexy. “I’m totally uninhibited,” laughs our busty Miss March 1980. “And I love running around naked. Once, in the mountains, I just decided to take off all my clothes and run around in the nude. I love the way nature feels when it makes contact with your body.” Running around naked in the woods is not something Scarlett would ever do, but Henriette doesn’t mind. The part French and part Cherokee beauty is much happier being a free spirit who’s connected to nature and her body. Miss Allais credits her tall and lean figure to exercises classes and calls yoga her favorite. “I'd like to teach yoga,” explains the bubbly, blue-eyed brunette. “Yoga makes me high without taking drugs. It's not a real religion to me, though it is to some people. I just really like the body movements involved in yoga. It's such a challenge, because I have to push my body so far. Plus, of course, it's superb for keeping yourself in shape.” Keeping her body in tiptop shape ranked high on Henriette’s list of priorities since she moved to France to make it as an international model. “Paris is the best place to get a good portfolio together, but the competition is very stiff,” explains our Playmate. “About 60 percent of the models are American girls. The French photographers like them because they are big and tall. The reason I’ve been so successful is that they can’t categorize my look. It’s so changeable. I can go from totally innocent to totally sophisticated to totally sexy.” French photographers and casting agents aren’t the only ones who have fallen in love with Henriette—the Parisian men have been wooing this American beauty from the moment she landed in the City of Love. However, not one has stricken her fancy as of yet. “What turns me on the most about a man? Well, I love a man who’s able to say things with his eyes and, since I’m into yoga and sports, a good body is a must, of course,” smiles our Playmate of the Month. “Hold it; this is beginning to sound like a grocery-store order!” Sounds to us like Henriette Allais is a woman who knows what and who she wants.