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Hillary Fisher

Hillary Fisher


Charleston SC United States


5' 4"

Playboy Muse of the month

September 2009

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Hillary Fisher is one busy model. She’s modeled for Hooters’ calendar, Sports Illustrated and Maxim en Español. If that weren't enough, she’s starred in music videos for Rascal Flatts and Kenny Chesney, and she took the top spot at the Miss Sunset Tan pageant. But despite all of her success, Hillary says Playboy was always at the top of her list. “I’m so happy, excited and honored to be Cyber Girl of the Month for September 2009!” says the tanned brunette. “I want people to know the real Hillary Fisher: a true southern girl next door.” Ideally, our Southern girl would spend the rest of her days on a Mexican beach, and true to form, she loves her sweets. Hillary is a pastry chef by trade, and one might think that’s not compatible with wearing a size zero, but somehow, Miss Fisher makes it work. “I believe everything in moderation is the key to staying fit,” says the C-cup chef. When moderation has been damned and our CGOM has given into her sprinkle-loaded chocolate chip cookie craving, Hillary will do squats, lunges and one particularly interesting take on cardio. “I love dancing around the house in my panties,” she admits. That’s one cardio class we wouldn’t mind taking.