Holli Pockets

Holli Pockets


Los Angeles California USA


5' 10"

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Go swinging with the gorgeous Holli Pockets, a model and Playboy Radio personality from southern California. She’s tall – 5’10” – with brown hair, brown-green eyes and a delightfully open mind. “I host a daily Playboy Radio show with my husband, Swing with Holli and Michael,” she says. “We talk about relationships. Sex, love, intimacy…and swinging!” That’s right, guys – Holli and her husband are swingers, and she’s definitely not afraid to flaunt her lifestyle. “I like to call it ‘living sexy’,” she says. “An open relationship lets you explore your fantasies…even if those fantasies involve someone else.” So what got Miss Pockets knocking on Playboy’s door? “I was actually raised a Mormon,” says Holli, laughing. “I went to church all the time. But I always knew I was someone different – I don’t believe in hiding my body. It’s a beautiful thing!” With that in mind, Holli went to modeling school, and now, on top of her work for Playboy TV and Radio, she’s a card-carrying Playboy model. “These are my first nude photos, and I just love them,” she says. When she’s not working, you can find Holli out on the town with her friends – and a healthy variety of love interests, too. “I’m not into the club scene, but I love good company,” she says. “I knew I was bisexual from a very young age. Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to express it – but now that I’m in an open relationship, I can explore those fantasies.” To explore your own fantasies, you can catch Holli every day on Swing with Holli and Michael, or right here on Playboy.