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Hollie Winnard

Hollie Winnard


Orlando FL USA


5' 1"

Playboy Muse of the month

September 2004

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Our September 2009 Cybergirl of the Month is one versatile blonde-haired beauty. Petite Hollie Winnard is a free spirit who loves to have sex in brazen places. “Everywhere I’ve ever made love was wild, but one of my personal favorites was in the car while it was moving,” says Miss Winnard. “I’ve also had sex on the beach. It was amazing but I ended up with hundreds of sand flea bites.” Hollie admits that most people don’t believe her when she tells them she used to work in a comic book store, or that she’s a huge sci-fi, fantasy and anime fan. The blue-eyed Orlando native grew up watching such classics as Star Trek, Dr. Who and The Incredible Hulk . “When you look at me you see a petite, cute blonde,” says Hollie. “I’m little but I’m feisty. I love to be the center of attention.” Feisty Hollie isn’t afraid of getting what she wants, and if you’re the man she wants, just stand in place. “I always make the first move,” says Miss Winnard. “I like to be the one in charge.” Never underestimate a Cybergirl of the Month.