Holly Witt

Holly Witt


Lima Pennsylvania USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

November 1995

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Holly Witt is always pushing herself to the limit. A full-lipped blonde from Lima, Pennsylvania, Holly is not quite used to all the attention a Playmate commands – raised in an old farmhouse in rural Lima, this swanlike beauty describes herself as a former ugly duckling. “I always wanted to look nice,” she says. “I didn’t until I got older – about 21 years old.” At 21, with newfound confidence, Holly shed her baggy pants and schoolmarm sweaters, grew her hair out and set her sights firmly on a modeling career. “I wanted people to think I was the beautiful one,” she says. “The way they look at a model.” With Playboy, Holly’s wish came true – her down-home, country-girl charm won her the title of Miss November in 1995, and a successful modeling career to boot. Still a country girl at heart, Holly loves nothing more than a ride on a Harley-Davidson, and she spends her free time cooking Tex-Mex and taking in the sunsets. To win Miss Witt’s heart, you only have to use your hands – one of her biggest turn-ons is a massage. “I love a good massage from head to toe,” she admits. “I like the feel-so-good, put-you-to-sleep kind.” If that’s the rub, then we’re all for it – any masseuse would go hands over heels for a hot body like Holly’s. “In first grade, I took one of my father’s Playboys to school,” she reminisces. “I told the boys they could look if they promised to chase me at recess!” Now that she’s a Playmate, there’s no shortage of men chasing Holly Witt.


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