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Hunter McCloud

Hunter McCloud


Chicago IL United States


5' 1"

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Meet high-energy Amateur Hunter McCloud, a model based in Marina del Rey, California. She’s small – 5’2” and about a hundred pounds – and all natural, with blonde hair, green eyes and a positive attitude. “I grew up in Sequim, Washington,” she says. “It’s a small town, but it’s a big part of who I am. I moved to Southern California about four years ago, and Marina del Rey is very different from Sequim – for one thing, it almost never rains. But I still have friends in Washington, and I talk to my family every day – so even in La-La Land, I manage to stay grounded.” Hunter is a full time model, and her work keeps her busy. “I’m short, so I can’t do runway,” she explains, “but I’m height-weight proportionate, so I get away with a lot of catalogue work.” She’s been with a couple of different agencies, but right now she’s self-represented, and highly motivated to succeed. “Every day I’m hustlin’,” she jokes. “I don’t have an agent, so if I don’t book my jobs, no one is going to book them for me.” When Hunter’s not working, she’s playing outside – she loves hiking, biking, beach cruising and jogging with the girls. “You name it, I do it,” she says, laughing. This is Hunter’s first time posing nude, and she says that the overall experience was positive. “You only live once,” she says, laughing. “But no, seriously – Jared Ryder and his crew were so awesome. They made me feel right at home, and I had a great time on the set.” Now that she’s a Playboy model, Hunter is fielding a ton of male attention – but she’s a small-town girl at heart, and she prefers to be in a long-term relationship. “The dating scene in Los Angeles is tough,” she says. “Guys are cocky, and it’s hard to make a genuine connection. When I first moved here, a guy asked me out on a date, and I said no. He told me that I would never get work in LA.” Looks like Hunter proved him wrong.