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Iana Little

Iana Little


Las Vegas Nevada USA


5' 6"

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We’ve got the hots for Iana Little, an up-and-coming model from Las Vegas, Nevada. All natural, with black hair and blue-green eyes, she’s one of our freshest new faces – and at eighteen years old, one of our youngest, too. “I grew up in Vegas,” she says. “Everything you’ve heard about it is true – it’s crazy! Everything is a party.” Miss Little is not just any party-hungry Las Vegan – she’s studying to become a plastic surgeon, and she's more than ready to start her career as a Playboy model. “In this town, you have to be more than a pretty face and a nice body,” she says. “I’ve got a good head on my shoulders. I love to have fun, but I can be serious, too. I’m a hard worker!” Iana’s work ethic took her to a Playboy casting, and before she knew it, she was booked for her first-ever Playboy shoot. “I’ve been modeling since I was twelve, so I have tons of experience with catalogue and lingerie, but this is my first time posing nude,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to do Playboy – I even have a Bunny necklace – so when I turned eighteen, I went for it. Sex sells, and Playboy is the sexiest brand around.” When she’s not modeling, Iana prefers the home life to the party scene – she loves music, movies and a good workout, and she likes her guys to be similarly inclined. “Physical attraction is nice, but it’s not everything,” she says. “I care a lot more about a guy’s personality. He has to respect me. If he wants to hit it and quit it, I’m just not interested!” With a face and body like hers, not to mention talent and ambition, Miss Little has a lot on her plate – and lucky for you, she’s dishing it up right here on Playboy.


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