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Ines Alecsandra

Ines Alecsandra


Manchester NH USA


5' 2"

Playboy Muse of the month

January 2004

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Ines Alecsandra is the kind of girl who can keep a man warm all winter long. Our voluptuous Cybergirl of the Month for January 2003 admits while she knows how to get a man hot and bothered, she unfortunately doesn’t know what exactly he could do to reciprocate the feeling. “I don’t think I’ve found what turns me on yet,” says petite Ines. “I like men that are real and that don’t have to impress anyone turn my head.” The blonde-haired, green-eyed beauty turns heads everywhere she goes, and yet she still hasn’t found Prince Charming. “Mr. Right still hasn’t come around to steal my heart along with my virginity,” says all-natural Ines. “The man that will take it will not have to be perfect, just perfect for me.” For any Mr. Rights out there, our CGOM is not a date who fancies the most romantic settings. “I’d love a fun weekend where we would go skydiving and then go to a nice dinner,” she says. “Next day, go to a casino and gamble our lives away.” Gambling on Ines Alecsandra is always the safest bet.