Inga Drozdova

Inga Drozdova


Riga Latvia N/A


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

November 1997

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In her home country of Russia, Inga Drozdova is known as velikolepnyy - that’s Russian for ‘gorgeous’, and that’s the honest-to-goodness truth. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Inga was born in Latvia, raised in Russia and educated in a postwar Moscow, where she studied finance, business law and the finer points of the English language. “I’m a perfectionist,” says Inga. “I want to be a famous actress and singer, but still remain a businesswoman. Ever since my Playboy appearance, my career has taken off!” We found Inga in the Russian edition of Playboy, and found her so beautiful that we named her Miss November 1997 in the USA. In fact, she’s got the special distinction of being the only Latvian-born woman to appear in the American Centerfold. In Los Angeles, there’s no shortage of gorgeous blondes, but once on the scene, Inga Drozdova had men of all persuasions eating out of the palm of her hand. “I’m a noticeable person,” she allows. “I don’t know who is best. Russian men, Australians, Americans – I like them all.” When she’s not modeling, Inga loves to go out, and lists singing and dancing as two of her greatest passions. Ever the fairy-tale princess, Inga’s dream date ends with a slow, romantic dance. “We’d be in a beautiful castle full of candles, dancing to romantic music,” she says. “One of my biggest turn-ons is energetic dancing.” May we have this dance, Miss Drozdova?