Jacqueline Sheen

Jacqueline Sheen


Dallas Texas USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

July 1990

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Jacqueline Sheen feels right at home in the water. A resident of Florida, blonde-haired Jacqueline is known around her backyard, the Clearwater Harbor, for her unusual water-skiing technique. “One of the most important things about barefooting is that you have to go fast—the faster the better,” explains Jackson, as she is affectionately known by friends. Yes, that’s right—Jackson water-skis without skis, and she learned from another of her friends, Cooke. “Pronounced Cookie,” she clarifies. “If you're going to write about my barefooting, he should get the credit!” That takes care of barefoot skiing, but how did Jackson become the savvy saleswoman and Playmate we see today? The green-eyed beauty was born and raised in Dallas, TX and later moved to Oklahoma where she sold condos for a living. Three years later, she found her way to Clearwater, Florida—between this sunny blonde and that sandy town, it was meant to be. “I took one look at Clearwater, fell in love with the beach and decided to move. That's all it took,” says Jackson. The all-natural beauty may have found her home, but her heart still lies in Dallas with her family. “I'm back in Texas at least once a month,” says Miss Sheen, who considers her parents to be her confidants. In the busy world of modeling, having a support system is very important. Jackson draws confidence and courage from her parents, exactly what she needed the day she called Playboy. “Two years ago, I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a two-piece bathing suit,” admits our modest Playmate of the Month for July 1990. “I was in California on business and decided to give Playboy a call. By the next morning, I was already doing my test shots.” During her Playboy photo shoot, Jackson started off the day a bit shy, but within minutes, she had been bitten by the modeling bug. Just as she is on the water, she’s a natural, even in tough situations. “By the time we began shooting on the sailboat, I was feeling comfortable,” she says, laughing confidently. “In fact, I was the only one aboard who didn’t get seasick.” Living by the water has paid off quite nicely for our Miss July 1990.