Janice Raymond

Janice Raymond


Lancashire England England


5' 10"

Playmate of the month

December 1974

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From surfing to relaxing on the beach in a barely-there bikini, California girls have a special place in the hearts of men everywhere. Janice Raymond proudly considers herself to be a dual citizen of her native England and of the United States, specifically Playa del Rey, CA where she currently resides in an apartment near the water. Janice’s father moved the family from the UK to the US when she was only two years old, but she visits her hometown of Lancashire and her relatives as often as she can. “The countryside was gorgeous. The people were more down-to-earth than they are in Los Angeles, and life was generally slower. It was really good, in a way,” explains the all-natural blonde. “But, to tell the truth, I'd rather stay in California; as far as I'm concerned, this is utopia.” Spending days by the beach where water-skiing, bike riding and tanning were the only items on her agenda when she wasn’t studying physical education at Long Beach State. “I water-ski as much as I possibly can. Eventually I would like to own a ski boat. If I'm not skiing, I'm sunbathing or having a drink with my friends. I hate being bored,” confesses the busty beauty with the sun-kissed tan. “I hope to be happy and healthy. Without those two, nothing else matters.” With her active lifestyle and rigorous workout regime, our Playmate of the Month has the healthy part of her list of goals down to a science. As for her ambition to achieving absolute happiness, our Miss December 1974 says it’s a work in progress. “I never know what to say about myself,” replies Janice when asked what she wants to be when she grows up. “I'll continue to do some modeling, but I haven't decided on a career. Right now, I'm a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Los Angeles.” After a year of working as one of the tallest Bunnies at the club, lucky Janice was chosen to be a Jet Bunny on Hugh Hefner’s custom DC-9 private jet affectionately named Big Bunny. She’ll have to take a break from working at the Los Angeles Club so she could train and work Big Bunny, but she says she welcomes the change. “Every single night, somebody will say, ‘Can I ask you a personal question?’ And I just say, ‘I'm five, ten—flat-footed,’” says our tall Miss December 1974. “Am I uptight about being tall? Well, I used to be, in high school—but not now.” Far from the days of being a young high school student, Janice is currently focusing on her career—whatever it turns out to be—and finding her Prince Charming. “I expect to get married someday, but for now, I’m just dating different guys,” she confesses. “I haven’t found Mr. Right yet—or he hasn’t found me.” He will surely find you after seeing your centerfold, Janice Raymond.