Janis Schmitt

Janis Schmitt


St. Louis MO USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

February 1978

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Meet Playmate Janis Schmitt who started her Playboy career working as a Bunny at our Playboy Club in St. Louis. “I decorated our Bunny Room—the place where we change our clothes—with male centerfolds,” admits Janis. “It sort of brightens the place up.” Our Miss February 1978 has been brightening up the lives of Playboy fans everywhere since she decided to test for Playmate. The outspoken blonde from St. Louis is known around town as the voluptuous beauty who rides her bicycle everywhere. Her decision to ride her bike instead of drive her bright-blue Triumph Spitfire convertible is not only good for the environment and her health, but it’s also good for neighbors who love watching her ride. Janis doesn’t mind her admirers watching her and politely waving hello, however, what she does take issue with are men who believe her being out-and-about is an invitation to be offensive. “You know, I bicycle almost every day in Carondelet Park. I get up real early in the morning, before the nuts come out. I wear my hair pulled back, an old T-shirt, some old gym shorts and no make-up—in fact, I do everything to make myself look plain—and I still get slapped on the behind,” explains the all-natural blonde. “I can't believe men sometimes.” Misbehaved boys like those in the park are far from Janis’s vision of the ideal man. She wants a manly man who is romantic, muscular and isn’t afraid of getting his hands a little dirty. “I always look at a man’s face first, then at his ass. Yes, I suppose you could call me an ass woman. But, I also look at the hands—I can see emotional strength in a man’s hands. I’m not an aggressive woman, not at first, anyway. But, I’m aggressive in bed more often than not,” gushes our blue-eyed Miss February 1978. “In the past two years, I’ve been with a baseball player and a hockey player. In high school, I always liked football players best. I like to be held in the arms of a big, strong man, to feel protected. Also, the danger and roughness of sports like hockey and football really turn me on.” Janis may be shy when she first meets someone, but her character is far from that first impression she makes. The avid erotica reader has dreams of making it as an actress in Hollywood like most of our talented Playmates, but Janis also hopes to make her goal of writing a book come true. “I want to write a really dirty book someday under a fictitious name. It would be kind of autobiographical, like Erica Jong's Fear of Flying, a chronicle of my life and loves,” blushes Miss Schmitt. “When I was younger, I used to write poetry all the time. I was lonely then and since I didn't have anybody to confide in, I'd write down my feelings. But, I'm not lonely anymore, so I've sort of given up writing poetry.” Janis Schmitt will never be lonely ever again now that she’s our Miss February 1978 and a future-successful erotic author.