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Jasmine Lee

Jasmine Lee


Clemson SC USA

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Jasmine Lee is a political science major from Clemson University in South Carolina. “Though downtown Clemson is small, the party scene rocks and the bars are awesome. I hit up TD's or Upstairs for the atmosphere and people,” explains our dark-haired Coed of the Week for November 4, 2004. “I love to go out to the pool halls in town and play a few games, and I love to eat Taco Bell.” Jasmine is an all-natural model who loves to dabble in photography so she could capture the beauty in the world around her—and sometimes, that means taking the camera into an intimate room. “I enjoy photography and, of course, anything in the bedroom,” winks Miss Lee. However, the one time she will not take a photo of herself is when she does something fun, but a little too embarrassing to be recorded for the world to see. “You can catch me bursting into song anytime, anyplace: in the car, in my room or even at work. I sing whenever I want,” laughs Jasmine. She may not believe she’s a good singer, but she has Playboy fans singing her praises.


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