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Jazlyn Ray

Jazlyn Ray
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“I have a huge heart,” shares Jazlyn Ray, an adult performer from the southeast. “I’m from South Carolina,” says Jazlyn of her background. “What do I love most about it? The true southern hospitality. It’s [also] very woodsy, green, and slow-paced.” After just about a year in the industry, Jazlyn loves this new path so far. “My future is my passion,” she says thoughtfully. “[I want] to make myself proud, see how far I can go, and watch my dreams turn into reality. That’s my motivation.” As for what makes her who she is, it’s her kind, self-assured, and thoughtful nature. “I’m genuine and grounded,” she says of herself. “I value myself and loved ones. I can also be a bit silly and random at times, but that’s what puts the oomph in my personality!” Jazlyn first learned about Playboy as a teen. “I was in awe,” she says. “Playboy, to me, beautifully represents freedom of sexual expression. Being given the opportunity to represent that feels right to me because that is something I believe in!” Get to know more about this rising adult star through her pictorials here on Playboy Plus.