Jean Manson

Jean Manson


Cleveland OH USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

August 1974

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“I want to be a famous actress someday,” said Jean Manson, our Miss August 1974, during her centerfold photoshoot with photographer Dwight Hooker. “I have to be.” Back then, the all-natural blonde from Cleveland had no idea what would become of her life except that she would work hard to achieve whatever made her happy. Jean is the daughter of artistic parents who encouraged her to follow her passion—music and theater. “I don't want people to think I'm just another dumb blonde. So far, in my films, I've been cast in roles like that,” explains our Miss August 1974. “But, someday I'm going to change my screen image.” Being classically trained in piano, guitar and even flamenco guitar, Jean knew she possessed qualities that set her apart from the competition. She studied at The American School in Mexico where lived with her family for over a decade, has an associate degree in music and went to the MGM Studios’ drama school in southern California. “I want to continue my career as an actress and also sing, since music has filled my whole life,” says our gorgeous Playmate of the Month. “I'm simply too preoccupied with my career and—well— I suppose a good part of me belongs to Hollywood. Before I settle down with one man, I have to be master of my craft. I don't feel I can give myself completely to a man at this point in my life.” Jean wasn’t kidding around when she said she had no time for a man. Shortly after wrapping up her Playmate photoshoot, she packed up her guitar, some items of clothing and flew to Paris where this leading lady was going to make the French swoon over her. She appeared in some minor films before landing roles opposite Mickey Rooney, Charles Bronson and Dennis Hopper. “I have no regrets about my past films. It was all good experience and I learned a great deal,” explains our Miss August 1974. “But, I refuse to be just another B-movie queen. I'm getting tired of taking my clothes off in movies. Why do people always want me to take my clothes off?” Jean quickly learned in Paris that music was her higher calling. She wasn’t going to give up her acting career, but she did take a moment away from the big screen to focus on her musical abilities. She recorded a French song with songwriter Jean Renard called “Avant de nous dire Adieu” of which three million copies and counting were sold across the globe. From that point forward her singing career took off like a freight train, allowing her to records albums in different languages and in different genres like country, jazz, gospel and even pop. She also sang with famous singers like Julio Iglesias, Tony Bennett, Michael Jackson, Sting and even the group Earth, Wind and Fire. “I have a strong drive to succeed in the world. I love beauty and look for it. Violence bores me. I constantly strive to learn about myself and my surroundings.” Using her everyday surroundings as inspiration for many of her songs, she has been able to maintain a singing career that has spanned over four decades. With over 30 million records sold including 4 gold and one platinum record to her name, one thing is clear, there is no slowing down Jean Manson.