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Jeanette Marie

Jeanette Marie


Melbourne Beach FL USA


5' 6"

Playboy Muse of the month

February 2002

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Jeanette Marie is feeling the love from Playboy fans. Chosen as our Cybergirl of the Month for February 2002, Florida native Jeanette is on top of the world. Being loved by Playboy fans might seem like the highest compliment, but dark-haired Jeanette understands the responsibility that comes with the title, and she does not want to disappoint the fans. During our photo shoot, Jeanette’s brown eyes lit up when she saw she would be roller-skating and not rollerblading. Five foot, seven inch Jeanette began to show off her fancy skating footwork. Her dancing skills will definitely come in handy when she pursues her lifelong dream of being a cheerleader for an NFL team. In the meantime, Jeanette is enjoying modeling, participating in pageants and recently acquired her real estate license. “I am a loving, loyal, generous, optimistic and spiritual person,” says Jeanette Marie. “I am fascinated by the journey of life and I am excited and thankful for each day.” We’re thankful that your life journey included being our Cybergirl valentine, Jeanette.