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Jennifer Ann

Jennifer Ann


Phoenix Arizona USA


5' 4"

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Jennifer Ann may be small in stature, but she’s doing big things. A Jenny McCarthy lookalike, she’s five feet, five inches of blonde hair, blue eyes and barely-contained energy, and tells us she’s an up-and-coming beauty blogger. “I’m a fun-loving, easygoing and a real girly girl,” says Jennifer, by way of introduction. “I find fun in everything I do, and I like to roll with the punches.” Growing up in Oregon, Jennifer was popular in school, especially with the boys, but she had bigger fish to fry. “I spent most of my time daydreaming about the future,” she says. “I’m really into the beauty industry—I’m a skincare and makeup enthusiast, and I love trying new techniques!” When Cassandra Keyes approached Jennifer to shoot for Playboy, her response was—and we quote—Heck, yeah! “I’ve been a fan of Playboy since I first found out about it,” she says. “Playboy lets me express my sensual side. Women are the most beautiful creatures on the planet, and it’s wonderful to celebrate that!” Jennifer lists her best qualities are kindness, forgiveness and a good attitude, and her so-called ‘worst’ qualities are even more attractive. “Sometimes I take things too seriously, and I eat Cadbury Creme Eggs year-round,” she says, giggling. “In a man, I’m looking for someone with good intentions and a good attitude towards others. A man’s heart is the most important thing for me.” Consider our hearts thoroughly warmed by this charming young Oregonian.


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