Jennifer J. Lavoie

Jennifer J. Lavoie


Nashua New Hampshire USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

August 1993

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Jennifer Lavoie is loving, strong and sensual – in other words, a classic Pisces. Brown-haired, brown-eyed and all natural, the petite water sign hails from Nashua, New Hampshire, and she brings a certain cool calmness to her role as Miss August 1993. “When I see pictures of women in magazines, I always wonder where they came from,” she says. “Are they city girls, or country girls who’ve come to the city? Either way, it was a surprise for me to become a Playmate from New England.” At home in Nashua, Jennifer runs a small business with her mother in addition to her career as a model. “I’m so close to my family that I couldn’t imagine living very far away from them,” she says. “But there’s a saying in New England – when opportunity knocks, you’d better answer the door before its knuckles get sore.” In that spirit, Jennifer accepted our offer of Playmate-hood – she’d never posed nude before, but she’s brave, and never one to turn down a challenge. “It’s a decision I’m glad I made,” she says serenely. “People have told me that I should move to California, but I’m happy doing what I’m doing.” And another thing, for all potential love matches: “Doing this pictorial has made me realize I don’t always need a man in my life,” she says, confident. “For me, great sex is a spiritual thing. I’m not into one-night stands.” For those around longer than one night, Jennifer’s turn-ons are warm fires, massages and the smell of a man’s shaving cream. “I want a man who, if I’m wearing sexy lingerie, can lie there looking at my body for hours,” she says, dreamy as ever. No problem, Miss Lavoie.