Jennifer LeRoy

Jennifer LeRoy


Craig CO USA


5' 10"

Playmate of the month

February 1993

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From high up in the Rocky Mountains comes leggy Playmate Jennifer LeRoy. Brown-haired, brown-eyed Jennifer comes from Steamboat Springs, a small town in western Colorado. The town is known for its ski resorts, including the aptly-named Rabbit Ears Motel, though she herself is known more for her successful modeling career. At just sixteen, Jennifer was signed by an agency in New York, who whisked her off to shoots in Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Taipei. “I was working six days a week,” says Jennifer. “It was amazing. I really appreciated all the work!” On assignment for Playboy, Jennifer reported for duty as Miss February 1993, posing in sweaters and panties in front of a roaring fire. Back home in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain News ran Jen’s photo on the front page, declaring that she had realized every girl’s dream by posing for Playboy. “Thank heavens this hasn’t been one of my mistakes,” deadpans Jennifer with a smile. “Small-town gossip is a turnoff. Hey y’all, keep your noses out of my business!” As for Jennifer’s business, it’s thriving as ever – the tall, slender model has it all, from print ads and catalogs to magazine covers and men at her beck and call. “I can have what I want when I want it,” she says. “I love hidden tattoos, a wicked smile, attitude. An all-around bad boy.” (That said, Jennifer displayed her tat proudly in her Playboy spread, a first for our magazine. See if you can find it.) Though she got her start as a small-town ski bunny, Jennifer was used to life in the fast lane, so she settled for a bungalow in West Hollywood. Though she has no trouble getting dates for Friday nights, Jennifer isn’t attracted to loud, showy types. “You may think I’m a bitch, but I’m not,” she says plainly. “I’m just a smart person. I’m not one of those women who have to have a man jumping around opening doors and pulling out chairs. That stuff makes me nervous. Don’t try to impress me – just make me smile.”