Jennifer Liano

Jennifer Liano


San Diego CA USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

May 1970

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Playmate Jennifer Liano has had an artistic soul since she was a youngster growing up in San Diego and San Francisco, CA. From drawing as a little girl to making metal rings as an adult, Jennifer’s creations, which were sold in shops by the San Francisco bay, were frequently purchased by hippies, but do not confuse her for one. “Too many kids are hippies because that's the thing to be—this year; a lot of them are just costume freaks,” says our all-natural Miss May 1970. The Italian beauty may not be a hippie, she does consider herself to be a free-spirit who is passionate about freedom of speech and the right to protest, however. “I went to San Francisco State for a quarter and I was there when S.I. Hayakawa jumped onto the sound truck; I thought he was insane,” says Jennifer of the San Francisco State president who later became California’s Senator. “I was with the strike all the way, but I think it shook up the school too much. I dropped out and so did a lot of others, because we didn't know if there was still going to be a school. It made me think about the future and where I fit into it.” Seeking direction, the busty brunette did some soul-searching to figure out what her next step would be, what would this beautiful protester with the ability to make jewelry do with her life? “I'm not a deep thinker about life, but I do know it's pretty much what you want it to be. You can't afford to be afraid; you have to be completely out front and you have to really dig yourself,” explains our Playmate of the Month who knew a conventional life wasn’t for her. “I can't do the nine-to-five bit; I've tried it. I don't want to feel tied down; I want to feel free. That's why I'm interested in art, in making things—expressing yourself is a form of freedom. I like to stay home and paint and make rings and think about what's ahead.” Her father, the Italian Count, had other ideas for Jennifer and her art. He wanted her to attend an art school in Florence where she could practice her craft and marry a prince. While she didn’t wed royalty during her Italian adventure, she did buy a used camper and travel through Europe for months where she visited family in Rome and Naples and hitchhiked through Spain when the untrustworthy vehicle broke down. “I lived in a Volkswagen for six months when I went to Europe,” recalls Jennifer. “Most of southern Europe is terribly poor, but the people are great, especially the kids. The next time I do Europe, though, I'm going to go to the Scandinavian countries. I met some Swedish students in Spain and they're impressive—beautiful, independent, into politics and social action.” Scandinavia, prepare yourself because Jennifer Liano is coming and she’s looking for her prins.