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Jennifer Vaughn

Jennifer Vaughn


Houston TX USA


5' 6"

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December 2012

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Cybergirl Jennifer Vaughn is a little bit of everything. She’s Spanish, Italian, Slovak and Czech, with the blonde hair, blue eyes and prominent cheekbones to prove it. She’s a well-known model with pictorials in six international editions of Playboy – Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Mexico, to name a few – and after a stint as Cybergirl of the Week, she was named Cybergirl of the Month in December 2012, and finally, Cybergirl of the Year 2013. It’s been a meteoric rise, but Jennifer is very down-to-earth. “I’m from Houston, Texas,” says Jennifer, “and I’m one of the sweetest, most caring people you will ever meet. I’ve got that Southern hospitality.” When she’s not modeling, Jennifer spends her time with family and friends, playing pool and watching sports. And she loves to cook. “I’m always stuffing somebody’s face,” she says, laughing. “Must be my Italian heritage.” Speaking of which, Jennifer was referred to as the ‘ultimate sex symbol’ in the Italian edition of Playboy. “I found one of my brothers’ Playboy magazines when I was a kid, and I looked through it,” she confesses. “The women were so beautiful, and I decided that when I grew up, I wanted to be one of those women. And now here I am!” She’s one of those women, all right – a Cybergirl on Playboy Plus. Jennifer talks life, love and lingerie in her Facetime interview.