Jessica Ann

Jessica Ann


Gold Coast Australia


5' 2"

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Jessica Ann is a bit of a triple threat. A model and young professional, she’s got a double bachelors in business and psychology, and worked her way up the corporate ladder before embarking on a modeling career. “I come from a big family and have three brothers, so I’m a little more competitive than other girls,” says Jessica. “I have a very outgoing personality—I’m not shy around strangers, and I never turn down a challenge.” Just the sort of girl who belongs on Playboy Plus. When she scrolled past a call for submissions on Instagram, she didn’t hesitate for a second. “I saw the chance and I took it,” says Jessica matter-of-factly. “Playboy is the best men’s magazine, and I wanted to prove to myself that I could be a Playboy model. I take good care of myself and my appearance—why not flaunt everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve?” If she’s not at the office, you can always find Jessica at the gym—an up-and-coming body-builder, she trains every day and eats only fresh, unprocessed foods. “Oh, you know—lots of vegetables and Greek yogurt,” jokes Jessica. “Look at the bright side—I’m a great cook!” With a girl like Jessica Ann, the future is nothing but bright.