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Jessica Betancourt

Jessica Betancourt


Saint Leo FL USA


5' 4"

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Not many Americans have heard of a town in Florida called Saint Leo, but that’s about to change because of a gorgeous model named Jessica Betancourt. “Saint Leo is out in the middle of nowhere, so there's really nothing to do, but party,” says the criminal justice student from Saint Leo University. “There are a few sororities and fraternities on campus and a few bars nearby, but most of the fun happens at house parties.” House parties are at the top of Jessica’s priority list along with her long list of hobbies like horseback riding, swimming and playing tennis. The voluptuous brunette says her extensive list of activities has taught her poise and responsibility which made her tough competitor during the Miss Teen Florida pageant. Even though she didn’t go home with the top Floridian prize, she did win Playboy fans’ hearts when she was voted our Coed of the Week for September 8, 2005.