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Jessica Corinne

Jessica Corinne


Indianapolis IN United States


5' 1"

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Indiana-University-Purdue University has a stellar nutrition and fitness wellness program that is known to include a healthy amount of sexy coeds. One of these all-natural beauties is Jessica Corinne who attended our Columbus casting call in 2011. “I want to work at a hospital giving people nutritional diets to get healthy,” says the Indianapolis model. The petite brunette couldn’t wait to show Playboy fans and her fellow coeds just how dedicated she was to her nutrition and fitness studies by showing off her toned figure. “Some people at school know about my pictorial and the news is spreading fast!” smiles Jessica. “Their reactions are like, ‘no freaking way! That’s so cool!’” Wait until all of her classmates find out Jessica Corinne’s our Coed of the Week for September 27, 2011.