Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee


Binghamton New York USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

August 1996

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With her brown eyes, curly brown ringlets and pale, creamy skin, Jessica Lee looks like a nude out of a Renaissance painting – but make no mistake, our Miss August 1996 is a thoroughly modern woman. “Every woman should be an awesome mother, a best buddy and a hot, hot lover,” she opines. “Me, I’m a summer girl – I love to oil up, lie on the beach and soak in the sun, the air and the sounds.” Born in New York and raised in Tampa, Florida, Jessica likes to keep herself busy – on an average day, she’ll go out to lunch, spend the afternoon in meetings and catch a ball game on the way home, chatting up friends and acquaintances as she goes. Professing her love for baseball (and especially for baseball players), Jessica comes across as every guy’s dream girl – having relocated to Los Angeles, she’s leveraging her girl-next-door charm to become America’s sexiest new actress. Juggling roles in BASEketballs, Thrills and Passion Cove, Miss Lee is well on her way. “I want to work hard and really learn the craft,” she says. “Then I’ll take great care of my family. Ever since I was named Miss August, my schedule has been wild – but there’s lots of sun in Los Angeles, so I feel right at home.” If home is where the heart is, look no further than sweet-hearted Jessica Lee.