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Jessica Robinson

Jessica Robinson


Dallas TX USA


5' 10"

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Standing tall at five feet, eleven inches is University of Texas coed, Jessica Robinson. “I’m a chemistry major and I’m working on a minor in crime and justice,” says the voluptuous redhead. The very quiet model is quite shy and mainly keeps to herself, but that doesn’t mean that all-natural Jessica is anti-social —she takes part in many team sports including tennis and soccer. “I just joined an ultimate Frisbee team,” smiles our timid Coed of the Week for November 13, 2008. “It’s bad for my nails, but it’s a lot of fun.” One surefire way to crack Miss Robinson out of her shell is to challenge her to a game of beer pong, where she is considered the University of Texas’ reigning campus champion. “Beer pong is my favorite and I’m undefeated—probably because I always get to the party a few drinks behind everyone else!” explains Jessica. Now that we know your secret, we’ll make sure to only start the game when you arrive, Miss Robinson.