Jo Collins

Jo Collins


Lebanon OR USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

December 1964

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There she was, flashing her mega-watt smile on a television game show called Queen for a Day where she worked as a page. Piercing blue-eyes with dark-brown hair and a twinkle in her eye that could make any man feel like the only one in the room—Jo Collins from Lebanon, Oregon was just what the pages of Playboy needed. “I used to feel guilty about relying on my looks for a living, but I’ve learned that the best thing to do when opportunity knocks is open the door,” explains the busty brunette. “Hollywood is just the first step—a sort of temporary stopover—in a long-range career plan of mine. Since I graduated from high school in Seattle last year, things have been progressing much more smoothly than I had anticipated. I managed to get in a full season of summer stock up North, including two leading roles at Portland's Civic Theatre; then worked my way through modeling school in Los Angeles as a part-time secretary, and landed a terrific TV contract for a series of new car commercials—which I nearly lost when I let it slip that I used to be a drag racer.” Playboy quickly offered Jo a job as a Bunny at one of the Playboy Clubs where the ambitious cottontail climbed the ladder and was promoted to Bunny Mother. With a strong work ethic, a luscious all-natural body and captivating personality, Playboy called Jo once again, but this time with even better news—she was chosen to be our Miss December 1964, followed by our Miss 1965. “The other girls looked so great in their photos that I never dreamed I’d win,” says the shocked Norwegian-Spanish model. “I’m so happy I feel like running out and giving everyone who voted for me a hug and a kiss. Honestly, I feel like I’ve just been crowned Queen for a Year.” As she tried in vain to collect her thoughts, our Playmate of the Year kept alternating between squeals of joy and sobs of pride before allowing us to ramble off the prizes that made up her $10,000 Playmate booty. A 10-speed Schwinn bike, a Honda motorcycle, swimsuits and clothing—all in Playmate Pink—plus a Lady Hamilton gold watch, case of pink champagne and a white mink cap from Alper Furs are just some of the items that caused Jo to be rendered speechless. “If anyone had told me I’d be wearing mink by my 20th birthday, I’d have sworn they were ribbing me,” says the humble beauty with tears in her eyes. “I still can’t imagine why they chose me.” Making sure that Playboy fans knew how grateful she was to be their Playmate of the Year, Jo decided to turn her words into actions and hopped on a plane for Vietnam where she earned the nickname G.I. Jo from the troops. With a copy of Playboy in hand, our Miss 1965 searched with the United Service Organizations tours for a lieutenant from the 173rd Airborne Brigade named Jack Price, one of the first people to take up Playboy’s offer that if anyone signed up for a lifetime subscription of the magazine they would get their first copy delivered by Playmate. Jo Collins is truly one of a kind.


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