Solingen, Germany


5' 7"

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Meet charming brunette, Joelina from Germany. Coming to Playboy Plus from the small city of Solingen, Joelina is thrilled to be taking her modeling career internationally. “I’ve been working since I was 19-years-old as a model,” she tells us in her sweet accent. “I love to stand in front of a camera!” With short dark brown hair, lovely eyes, long legs, and all natural curves, we’re sure you will fall deeply into lust with Joelina by her first pictorial. She’s friendly, sweet, smart and totally sexy. “My passions are fashion and traveling,” she tells us of herself. In fact, when she’s not modeling, Joelina is working as a visual merchandiser or trotting the globe. “I want to go to New York and the Caribbean,” she says of her most desired places to visit. When it comes to the opposite sex, Joelina is low maintenance, and just loves some good company. “A perfect first date for me is a walk by the river, drinking a beer, good conversation and laughing together,” she explains with a wide grin. When she does say yes to a date, she makes sure the guy is friendly and kind. “A man should have manners,” she says bluntly. If you’re the well-mannered type, make sure to leave German beauty, Joelina a line in the comments below, right here on Playboy Plus!