Jolanda Egger

Jolanda Egger


Lucerne Switzerland


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

June 1983

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Choosing a gorgeous model to crown our Miss June 1983 was a breeze when we saw Jolanda Egger from Lucerne, Switzerland. We met over a thousand models vying for the title that day, but they couldn’t hold a candle to the exotic beauty from Europe. “Working with Playboy has been the turning point of my life,” admits Jolanda in her Swiss accent. And boy, she isn’t kidding. The all-natural model, who has lived in Switzerland, Germany and Spain, first posed for Playboy’s German edition and landed a spot during our April 1983’s Ladies of Spain pictorial. If the busty brunette weren’t cultured enough, Jolanda can speak five languages, writes poetry and has more stamps on her passport than most. “I live in Germany, so I'll speak about Germany,” begins our Playmate of the Month about where she draws creative inspiration from. “The Germans still have a bad reputation that goes back through two World Wars. They try very hard to make up for that. They really cannot be so proud of Germany as you can be of America. There is always tension between the East and the West, and the people are very aware of that. I have written some poems about it. Maybe I'll give you one of them sometime.” Her poetry is insightful and inspiring just like she is on the glossy pages of Playboy. “All of my work with your magazine has been worth it. I met some beautiful people—Melinda Mays, Miss February 1983, is one of my favorites—and I'm sure when I go back to America, it will all be very helpful,” gushes Jolanda. Although our worldly Playmate has finally come around to the idea of someday calling America home, there is one thing holding her back from taking the American plunge. “I will tell you one bad thing about America, as much as I like it, if you want to hear,” Miss Egger says, very matter of fact. “I would like to stay in the USA, but I don't accept the American mentality completely—especially the behavior of some of the men. In comparison with European men, I find Americans less charming. Less well mannered. They could be more gentlemanly to their women. I think they should work on that.” We absolutely will if it means keeping a beauty like Jolanda Egger on this side of the pond.