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Julia Marino

Julia Marino


Fresno CA United States


5' 1"

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Most Playboy models train endlessly at the gym to get their bodies in perfect shape for a photoshoot, but not Julia Marino. The petite blonde cannot go to the gym if she isn’t in the mood and will, instead, get her cardio workout done through shopping. “I know how to surf though and I love it,” says the California State University coed. One thing that voluptuous Julia never needs convincing to do is go out for a late-night burger—even if that means not putting on any clothing. Our Coed of the Week for October 2, 2008 was once taken by one of her friends to a deli and her outfit—or lack thereof— caught many patrons’ attention. “I was in my bra, panties and had a towel wrapped around me,” laughs the fashion merchandising major. “It’s like a bathing suit. What’s the big deal?” We don’t see a problem with her attire in the least and would prefer if more sexy women would dine the same way.