Julie Woodson

Julie Woodson


Hutchinson Kansas USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

April 1973

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Meet Julie Woodson, a sweetheart from Kansas who left home at the age of 12 for a better life in California with her father. “If I'd stayed there, I'd probably have a lot of children by now, and I'd probably be on welfare,” explains the all-natural African-American. The West Coast was exactly where Julie needed to be to focus on her academics and earn her business degree from San Diego City College. “I studied sociology and business at UCLA, before attending acting school and becoming an airline stewardess,” adds the gorgeous graduate. With her diploma in hand, the busty beauty with the shoulder-length black hair wasn’t sure which step she should take next—a career in business administration or take a chance at modeling in New York? Julie chose the latter and modeled for the Black Beauty agency which led to many television commercials for cold medications and yogurt. However, being a commercial model wasn’t what she had in mind—she wanted to go global and become a top international, black model. “I'm working hard to become the best in my two careers—modeling and acting,” says Julie. “I appeared in the film Super Fly.” Super Fly, a Blaxploitation movie released in 1972 about an African-American cocaine dealer, was in the process of shooting when they casted our Playmate of the Month. Julie was looking forward to filming her first Hollywood movie, until the producers blindsided her with a nude, sex scene she was required to partake in. Not only was a nude scene never discussed prior to the shoot, but for the measly paycheck they gave her, it wasn’t worth her time. Julie clicked her heels, turned right around and walked off the movie set—her first movie was not going to be a film where she was disrespected and forced into a love scene. Production of the movie went ahead without any additional scenes of Miss Woodson—and upon seeing the finished product in the theaters, she is completely thrilled she walked off set. “I hated it, except for Curtis Mayfield's music, which carried the whole thing,” critiques Julie. “But, most of the black movies coming out are just garbage—they're all about sex and drugs, they put down the blacks and exploit the actors. Until the money comes in for some good black movies—and until I can get some roles that call for acting instead of just looking good—I'll stay off the screen.” The decision to pose nude isn’t one that should be taken lightly, especially when the model is a black woman who wants to change the industry for the better. Julie did exactly that when she became Playboy’s third African-American Playmate when she was voted our gorgeous Miss April 1973. “To me, the Playmate is like a beautiful piece of art,” gushes our dark-skinned Playmate of the Month who follows in the footsteps of Playmates Jennifer Jackson and Jean Bell. “It's always been a dream of mine.” Now that Julie’s dream has been fulfilled, she wants to help other young girls achieve their goals by instilling confidence in them. “I would like to be able to earn enough money to help an unwanted child,” adds our kindhearted Miss April 1973. “I spend some of my free weekends now working at an orphanage.” Playmate, activist and mentor, Julie Woodson is a role model for young girls everywhere.