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Junipr Keiko
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“My art is my passion and my one true love,” says Junipr Keiko. From Pensacola, Florida, Junipr is now based in Los Angeles, California, where she works as a full-time artist and model. “Through the years, [my art has] taken many forms, but it’s always a reflection of my heart. It’s the only thing in this world that will ever wholly and completely be mine.” A romantic spirit, Junipr tells us more about herself and what makes her, her. “I’m soft-spoken and introverted,” she begins. “I believe softness is strength, and I lead with love in all that I do. Wearing my heart on the outside has brought me great challenges in life, but I am so grateful for who I am, how I love, and the resilience that keeps me going.” Also an adventurous person, Junipr is a firm believer in living her one life without regrets. “I’m so proud of my fearlessness,” she exclaims. “I can’t live with ‘what ifs,’ so when faced with a risky opportunity, I’ll likely take it.” We first met Junipr through her friend and photographer, Tina Louise, but she came across us years ago. “I remember seeing older girls with those little Playboy bunny tan line stickers,” she laughs. “I didn’t know what [they] meant. When I did learn, I thought, ‘wow,’ these cover girls are so confident, I want that.” Junipr acknowledges putting yourself out there takes more than confidence. “Now that I’m older, I realize it’s not just confidence, but tenacity, resilience, and the ability to adapt,” she shares thoughtfully. “Playboy is classic. Being a part of it, especially now that the brand has taken a new inclusive approach to this primarily cookie cutter industry, is truly an honor.” Get to know Junipr Keiko better through her pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus.