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Justine Miller

Justine Miller


Las Vegas Nevada USA


5' 1"

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You can bet on Justine Miller, a model and student from Las Vegas, Nevada, the gambling capital of the world. She’s petite – 5’2” and little more than 90 pounds – and all natural, with brown hair and grey-blue eyes. She’s English, Irish, Scottish, Russian, Greek and American Indian all rolled into one. “I’m a mutt,” she says, laughing. “I was born in Sin City, and the city and culture influenced me from a young age – all the bars, casinos and strip clubs. It’s fly-by-night, but I love it, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Anyway, I live on the edge of town – not on the Strip.” Justine is a Psychology student at the University of Nevada, and she works in retail on the side. A self-described intellectual and free thinker, she spends her time drawing – mostly nudes, rendered in soft pastel and charcoal – and loves a deep conversation over a bottle of red wine. She’s an EDM fan – trance and dubstep in particular – and she lives for late nights out with her favorite DJs. But Justine is a Pisces, and she favors a deep connection over a shallow one-night stand. “I like to be in a relationship,” she says. “You have someone to comfort you, encourage you and share things with you.” As the saying goes, love knows no boundaries, and Justine likes hers to be crossed. “I don’t care about race or gender – I want someone honest and self-assured,” she says. “Who can throw me up against the wall and take me.” She's posed for a few local photographers – artistic nudes destined for the gallery – but this is Justine's first time posing for Playboy Plus. “I’ve been a Playboy subscriber for years, and I’ve always wanted to do it,” she says. “There was a casting call at Planet Hollywood, so I went. I did an interview and video, and as I was leaving, the casting director asked me to come back.” She took a red-eye to Los Angeles, rushed to the set, and the rest is Playboy history. “This is my first professional shoot, and I thought that it would be stressful,” she says, laughing. “But Jared Ryder was great, and the crew was so nice and warm – like one big family. I felt right at home.” Find out about Justine’s tastes in men and women in her Facetime interview.