Kai Brendlinger

Kai Brendlinger


Minneapolis MN USA


5' 2"

Playmate of the month

November 1964

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Kai Brendlinger was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but was raised in Denver, Colorado where she learned she was meant to be a mountaineer beauty all along. “My family moved from Minneapolis to Denver when I was seven. I have three brothers and four sisters,” explains Kai. As a teenager, the all-natural brunette spent most of her free time at the mall where shopping and gossiping about boys were the things to do when she wasn’t roughing it outdoors. With her Levi jeans, cowgirl hat and boots on, Kai would often head over to the mountains surrounding Estes Park where the itinerary of the day was to hike and take in the picturesque scenery. “These trails were my favorite retreat all during my teens. You could always find me there weekends, when I wasn't working part time at our neighborhood bakery,” recalls the petite beauty with the big, brown eyes who loves to go fishing in these parts. “I always throw mine back. I guess I’m just softhearted.” With a kind heart, beautiful body and a good head on her shoulders, Kai traded in her nature-filled life in Denver for a fast-paced, glamorous one in Chicago. “I am a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Chicago. My sister was also a Bunny there,” she adds. “But, my real dream is to model.” Her wish was our command—Playboy was searching for the most gorgeous cottontails from our Chicago Club for a magazine spread called The Bunnies of Chicago. Once the feature with Kai’s photo was published, Playboy photographers went back to the Club and this time they had an offer for the darling from Denver—making her our Miss November 1964. “I can’t believe I’m a Playmate!” she exclaims. “Before I came to Chicago and entered Bunny School, I was the original shy and retiring type. There are eight kids in our family, and it was tough enough finding a place to hang your toothbrush, much less getting in a full sentence with seven others competing for the floor. I finally gave up trying to communicate verbally and took to the hills. There's a certain peace of mind you find in the mountains, skiing down a fast slope or just taking a long, lazy walk along an old familiar trail. I wouldn't give up my job or my friends in Chicago for anything, but every once in a while I can't help feeling a little homesick. There’s no use denying it, I’m just a nature girl at heart.” Let nature girl Kai Brendlinger nurture you, right here on Playboy.


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