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Kamila Sulewska

Kamila Sulewska


Chicago IL USA


5' 1"

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Polish-American Kamila Sulewska is a petite at five foot one inch and she’s proud of it. Chicago’s short model loves being able to wear her sexy sky-high heels while still remaining much shorter than the men she dates. And those men better be careful because spunky Kamila knows how to pack a punch. Our Cybergirl of the Week for February 8, 2010 is a devoted gym rat. Spending her days in the gym practicing Bikram yoga, lifting weights and doing cardio and boxing. Dark-haired Miss Sulewska works this hard because she believes living a healthy lifestyle will allow you to enjoy life to the fullest. Part of her healthy living plan is to indulge and spoil herself whenever she sees fit. If blue-eyed Kamila wants to buy the latest sports car, she will do so. If the tattooed bikini model wants to tell women that they need to step up their game in the bedroom, you bet she’ll voice her opinion. “A woman should always satisfy her man,” says Kamila. “She can’t rely on the same sex moves over and over—it gets boring.” Amen, Miss Sulewska.