Karen Hafter

Karen Hafter


New York NY USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

December 1976

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Growing up in the Bronx, Karen Hafter daydreamed as often as she could about where life would take her. Would she be famous? Would she live by the beach? Would she finish college in New York? Would she follow a career path she never even thought of? “If I had more time, I'd satisfy a fantasy of mine and learn to play electric bass,” says the ambitious brunette. “I think deep down I'm a frustrated musician. I'd like to take more ballet lessons too.” With her list of goals growing rapidly as the days pass, Karen decided to finally cross off one item by moving to Hollywood. “Hollywood just seemed like such a strange, exciting place. A new frontier,” says the tall New Yorker. From the East Coast to the West Coast, Karen’s four day train ride was long, but the petrified, aspiring model refused to fly and so she made the best out of her mode of transportation. “There is something deeply romantic, even sensuous, about the idea of a train rushing through the night. In a way, it’s the perfect place for a quick affair,” says the ever-romantic beauty. “I felt a mixture of things during the trip. Excitement at the prospect of approaching a new life and emptiness because I was leaving home for the first time.” Three thousand miles later, Karen found herself on Sunset Boulevard and knew exactly how she’d get herself noticed by some big names in Hollywood. She got herself a waitressing job at one of the restaurants on the boulevard and prayed during every shift that someone with connections would see the potential an all-natural, busty beauty like her possessed. Her dreams were realized when our Miss May 1967, Anne Randall, took one look at her waitress and knew she was looking at a Playmate. “She was staring at me from the moment she walked in. Finally, she came over and asked me if I'd be interested in trying out for a Playboy centerfold,” recalls our Miss December 1976. “If she'd been a man, I would have said no—for obvious reasons.” Under the guidance of Anne, Karen’s long journey to California paid off when she graced the pages of Playboy as our Playmate of the Month and as our centerfold—a goal that was never on her long list to begin with. “I never thought I'd be a Playmate, never in my wildest dreams. I was always a tall, scrawny kid. Everybody was wearing a bra before me. I didn't start to fill out until I was 16,” explains Karen. “I thought I’d be a radio disc jockey or the world's greatest female electric lead guitarist. But modeling is also nice.” Nothing is nicer than our sweet Miss December 1976, Karen Hafter.