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Karen McDougal




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December 1997

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Above all, Karen McDougal is a strong contender. Born in Indiana and raised in Michigan, she’s a classic American beauty, specifically Midwestern – owing her brown hair, brown eyes and superior bone structure to mixed German, Irish and Cherokee Indian heritage, she wins the love and attention of just about everyone she meets. “Back home, I was always wholesome little Karen,” she says, reminiscing. “The sort of girl who isn’t expected to be in the most-looked-at men’s magazine in the world.” Karen was teaching preschool when, on a whim, she decided to enter a swimsuit competition; to her surprise, she won and earned a trip to the international finals in Florida. It was there that she met contributing Bunny photographer David Mecey, who offered the beautiful Miss McDougal a Playmate test. “A woman can be whatever she wants to be,” says Karen. “It’s all in her attitude! Strength is important, and gives you the self-confidence you need to succeed.” That can-do attitude made Karen our Miss December 1997, and in short order, our Playmate of the Year 1998. Success never smelled so sweet – or looked so luscious, for that matter. As our ’98 PMOY, Karen modeled and acted in Los Angeles, and was an always-welcome guest at the Playboy Mansion. On the subject of her newfound fame, Miss McDougal was quoted as saying, “I’m having a ball!” In more recent years, Karen has made the transition to fitness modeling, and in 1999 became the first woman to ever appear on the cover of Men’s Fitness. “I’d like to be as spunky at 36 as I am today,” she says. “My goals are to model, act and someday open a learning center for children!” Beauty, brains and a heart of gold – that’s Karen McDougal.