Karen Elaina Price

Karen Elaina Price


Pasadena California USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

January 1981

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Karen Elaina Price is no strange to the limelight, thanks to her drummer father who played with Rich Little, Oscar Peterson and Stan Kenton. However, Karen wasn’t as interested in music the way her father had hoped. The all-natural brunette gave up on the piano—and her father’s dreams of her ever playing music professionally—when she decided she wanted to be a gymnast. “I would love to open my own gymnastics and acrobatics school,” says our flexible Miss January 1981. Karen began teaching gymnastics a few years after she began practicing the sport. She was a natural talent who could leap through the air with the greatest of ease –until she turned 16 years old. “I was flat-chested until the age of 16, and then—boom!—all of the sudden, in three months, I developed,” says Karen who now has an all-natural, F-cup bosom. “Needless to say, they created some gymnastics problems; as you can imagine, large breasts throw off your balance.” Our Playmate’s voluptuous chest may have caused her problems in the gym, but it definitely helped her with her modeling and stuntwoman careers. After being crowned our Miss January 1981, Karen went on to work in Hollywood as a professional stuntwoman. She fought and flipped her way through Eddie Murphy’s The Golden Child, Steven Seagal’s Above the Law and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Running Man. In total, the buxom sweetheart from Pasadena has performed in almost 30 films, and she now has her sights set on tumbling in love. “I’m very simple when it comes to things that turn me on sexually. I like the basics—gentleness, romance, kissing. And I don’t like to call it sex; I call it making love,” explains Karen. With a beauty like Playmate Karen Price in your bed, who wouldn’t consider it love making?