Karen Witter

Karen Witter


Long Beach California USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

March 1982

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Karen Witter lives to do things the hard way. The road less traveled is the road she will purposefully seek to explore. Ever heard of stewarding on hot-air balloons? Neither did we, but Karen found it and made it her fulltime job, when she wasn’t sailing. “I like being on the ocean away from people; you wake up and look out and there's nothing around you, but water,” explains our all-natural Playmate. “You could be on your way to China if your navigation were off. Sailing is sensuous. I love the smell of the water, the feeling of the wind and the sun. If there's a storm, it's even more exciting. You know the boat could die at any moment. Or fog. I've been in fog so thick at night you couldn't see the bow from the stern.” Karen is a fearless woman who enjoys laughing in the face of danger—even if it means being seriously injured before reaching paradise. Our Miss March 1982 places education on a pedestal and loves to learn about medicine, psycho-physiology and languages. “I think it's harder to be dumb than to be smart. I mean, you really have to make an effort to be dumb,” says the busty blonde. The blue-eyed Californian knew she needed to focus on her academics, but the urge to embark on a new adventure was becoming too great—Karen decided to blend the two. After being accepted at the University of Hawaii in Manoa with her then-boyfriend and some friends, Karen embarked on a crazy trip—sailing from California to Hawaii in a 44-foot sloop Luthien. Not only did our Miss March 1982 make it there in 16 days, but it also awoke a sense of life in her. From there on, Miss Witter made it her mission to accomplish any goal she had in mind. Her next stop was Hollywood where she acquired many jobs in television. Karen appeared on Cheers and NYPD Blue. She also acted on the soap opera One Life to Live for four years and was nominated for a Soap Opera Digest Award. While working on various television shows, our Miss March 1982 caught the eye of Chuck Lorre, the creator of shows like Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and was the co-executive producer ofRoseanne. They were married for a decade before their marriage came to an end, but Karen’s wild spirit wasn’t deterred—she was ready to start a new chapter and forge herself a new path. “I'd rather not follow any path that someone else has already taken,” states the model and actress. Karen Witter is ready for her next wild adventure—finding true love.