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Kate Brenner

Kate Brenner


Woodland Hills CA USA


5' 4"

Playboy Muse of the month

November 2002

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Blonde-haired California girls are definitely a dime a dozen on the West coast, but Kate Brenner is a unique Cali girl. Miss Brenner is as buxom as she is witty and inventive. The Cybergirl of the Month for November 2002’s best date ever is one she cherishes because of its level of creativity. “We had gone to see a drive-in movie,” says Kate. “We didn’t use the sound box. We ended up making up our own words to the movie. It was so funny.” Blue-eyed Kate loves lean men, and loves to be fun and active. Any man who dates her needs to follow her requirements, especially the fun one. “My worst first date was with a guy who cried,” says Miss Brenner. “He became embarrassed about getting drunk during dinner so he kept drinking, spilled coffee on the waitress and cried. There was no second date.” Until her perfect beach-loving man comes along, Kate spends her nights spooning with her perfect man – that is, one of the more canine variety. “I love to curl up with my dog at night,” says Kate. That is one lucky pooch.