Kate Moss

Kate Moss


Croydon, London England


5' 8"

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Kate Moss is one of a kind. A tall, willowy blonde with a trademark look – a look that thousands would embrace as ‘heroin chic’ in the 90s, designers and consumers alike – she’s one of the highest-paid, most in-demand models in the world, and for very, very good reason. Scouted at fourteen in an airport and made famous by photographer Corrine Day, London-born Kate made her debut in an issue of The Face in an instantly quintessential set of black-and-whites that vaulted her to the height of the fashion world as an ‘anti-supermodel’, one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People and W’s resident muse. She’s been on the cover of hundreds of magazines – and hundreds of tabloids, too – and whether for wearing fur, dating Pete Doherty or heading a one-woman, multi-million-dollar empire, Kate is never far from the front page. From the face of Burberry to a body for Playboy, Miss Moss is a trailblazer, always doing things first. If she’s got anything to say about it, this is most definitely not her last.