Kathryn Morrison

Kathryn Morrison


Long Beach California USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

May 1978

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“Do I really have to talk about myself?” asks our Miss May 1978 during our sit-down interview for her Playmate spread. “My life is vague. All I have is feelings. No words. Maybe we could just run another picture, instead?” We could never have enough photos of Kathryn Morrison, a busty blonde from Long Beach, CA who admits she cannot live anywhere that doesn’t include a beach. “I love the water: the beaches just north of Los Angeles, the pool at the old Knickerbocker,” explains Kathryn. “The water is warm. Like a womb. I like the feeling of weightlessness. I could float for hours.” We’ve been floating on air since we laid eyes on Kathryn’s all-natural physique. Her piercing blue eyes could hypnotize and convince any mere mortal into doing almost anything. What would Kathryn make a man do if she could plan a date from beginning to end? It would probably be something active that involves the water, according to our Playmate of the Month. “I’ll do anything if it’s exciting. Spinnaker flying in Hawaii. Rock climbing in Northern California. Skiing at Mammoth. If it’s got energy, I love it. Energy turns me on,” says the lovely blonde. “I'm totally open to new experiences. Maybe it's because, as a child, I lived in 13 different towns in the Southwest before settling in Los Angeles.” While she admits Los Angeles and its busy streets won’t be her forever hometown, Kathryn says she’s leaving her possessions in the City of Angels as she travels the world. “I went to Hawaii a few months ago. I went sailing, scuba diving and freeboarding. I spent New Year's weekend in Acapulco. I'd like to transfer some Mexican spirit to Hawaii. It's pretty dead out there,” explains our Miss May 1978. “But, it seems as if every weekend I'm doing something different. The Playmate shooting. Backpacking. Skiing. I've only done that once, but I really loved it. It is something I'll come back to. Now, I'm just sampling life.” Playboy fans everywhere are glad to know that on Kathryn Morrison’s journey through life included being our fearless Miss May 1978. What’s next on her life sample platter? “I’m independent. I want to live out in one of the canyons in a little cabin. It’s heated by a potbellied stove. I’ve gotten very good at building wood fires,” says Kathryn. Keep an eye out for the sexy Playmate next time you’re in the woods.